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What people are saying...


"Love all her patterns! Patches always ship quickly


"I made this as a Christmas gift for my sister out of French Terry with matching rib for the cuffs, lapel and waistband. I knew I wanted to make her something special, but wasn’t 100% sure on her sizing and of course I didn’t want to ask since it was a gift. I chose to make the middle size “Coral” and the fit was perfect! I found out later on that she is normally a 2X. This pattern will definitely be my go-to for handmade gifts for other friends and family - but first…I need to go make myself one! ☺️"


"These leather tags are so cute and really well made! Thank you."


“Fantastic dress! Love that I can use woven fabrics too!!”


“Guys, this is a beautiful dress! I just discovered that I need a real pattern on pattern paper. It is difficult for me to piece them together as I don't see "the big picture" in my mind. It's just simply the way my mind works. The instructions are clear, no problem with them at all. Again, the dress is great, instructions are easy to understand, I just don't like it being on printer paper and having to piece it together. PS a normal person could probably do this no problem. I'm just a little crazy and have trouble with it. It doesn't mean anyone else will! You live and you learn and now I know: no more pdf's for me!”


I had a similar pattern that I likedish from another company, that I was never too fond of, so I didn't think I needed this one because dollars are hard to come by these days. but then I was reading a post about companies that are inclusive and whatnot and I was like, I may have already given another company my money, but this is a dress I need to support now. so I bought it and I'm so excited I did. I love the options. I hate the gathering but of course I like the options with the most gathering. I love how it fits. my first one I didn't adjust for height because my torso is long even though I'm only 5'3" and it was a bit long for my taste (but the pockets were at the perfect height without adjustments) so the next one I shortened the skirt panels and it's just my favorite dress ever now.”



    Designed to display directly onto your fabric. Thoughtfully designed with thick solid lines, easy to read fonts, on the same grain, calibration on each piece, open and on the fold, and most importantly, plenty of white space.


    Print at home on your Letter or A4 printer, or at your A0 Copy shop. Files for Letter are no cut assembly to save you time and headaches.


    Nobody truly enjoys reading the instructions so I've tried to make them atleast a time bit more bearable. More like notes from a good friend <3


    Wonderful Sews Patterns are from 30-60" bust to provide as much inclusivity as possible. If the current size range is too small to include you please let me know and I will provide a pattern graded up to your size for the same price as my standard patterns.